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We have a specialized spares supply system for all our vibro equipment
Cardan shaft, coil spring, Grip lock nuts, Safety nuts, Tension sleeve, Taper Wedge assembly, FRP dust cover, Leaf Spring, Rubber buffer, motor coupling, Intermediate flange, Vibrator coil, Firing Module, Armature assembly, Control panel, Punched plate deck, Rubberised ceramic liner, PU liner, Poly pick liner, Deck tensioning clamp,Upper connecting Arm, Lower connecting arm, Eccentric for bearing, Imported PU decks.

After Sales Service:
We provide prompt after sale service. Our trained technicians visit site to supervise erection and commissioning of our vibrating equipment. Our trouble shooting team visit site when ever these is a need.
Our Products
Circuler Motion Screens These screens are fitted with omni-directional centrifugal force driven by normal A.C
Vibrating Feeder              NE manufactures comprehensive range of vibrating feeders to serve
Vibrator Motors               Vibrator motors are A.C asynchronous motors with shaft extensions
Electromagnetic Vibro Feeder These Feeders are driven by Electromagnets mounted on near side of
Directional Force Exciters These are used to produce excitation in screens and feeders. D.F.
Vibro Screen                  We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of Engineering
Distribution Feeder Coming soon.....
Linear Motion Screen These screens are fitted with D.F.Exciters or unbalance motors driven by
Centrifugal Force Exciters These exciters produce omni directional centrifugal force.A single shaft
Multi-deck Screen          Multi deck (up to 6 decks) Linear motion vibro screens also called sizers
Flip-flow Screen             These are special type of screens designed specially difficult to screen material.
Polyurethane & Rubber Decks & Liners PU decks and liners have very high wear resistant properties. Rubber & PU
Rubberised ceramic liners Rubber embedded ceramic liners are unique in some applications and give as
Anti Clogging Screening Media Poly vano harp meshes and Flexi-PU mats are new being extensively used to
Spares                            We have a specialized spares supply system for all our vibro equipment
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